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Unlock amazing benefits and privileges available only to Redlegs insiders!

Welcome to PubNetwork, the ultimate in membership programs… providing members with exclusive rewards, offers and discounts from over 3,500 network partners, along with many more member benefits, PubNetwork allows members the opportunity to save thousands of dollars annually This is the must have membership for Redlegs players, supporters and their friends.

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Pub network is proud to be a sponsor of Bairnsdale FNC.

With over 3 1/2 thousand network partners, sharing savings, special offers and cashback offers there sure is something for everyone.

With the cost of day-to-day living at an all-time high and increasing, a one year membership at just $49-, ensures Redlegs members are able to save thousands of dollars a year, along with all the other great benefits of membership.

Scan the QR code. Order your one year membership and….. make sure you put our code “BFNC” in the member details in the company details on the order page. You get great deals whilst supporting our club.

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